Saw/Spiral Pipe Plant Equipments

Saw/Spiral Pipe Plant Equipments

Drop Weight Tear Tester Machine

Used for specimen breaking of M.S plate As per API & ASTME. Two Models Available

1st Model: DWTT 30000 J/38T

Energy Range :  1500J to 30000J

Drop Mass: : Variable 100kg + 150 kg + 250 kg +500 kg = 1000 kg.

Drop Height: Range 1000mm to 3100mm

2nd Model: DWTT 15000 J/25T

Energy Range :  1000J to 15000J

Drop Mass: : Variable 100 kg + 150 kg +250 kg = 500 kg

Drop Height: Range 1000mm to 3100mm

Diabolic Roller Conveyor

Special profiled MS and Rubberised Roller Conveyer with Driven Rolls and Idler Rolls Capacity to handle single pipe.

Capacity : up to 100 dia

Pipe Rotators

Set of Rubberised Rolls with Hydraulic Tilt mechanism for adjustment of various pipe diameters.

Capacity : up to 100” dia.

Bending & Folding Machine

Set of top & bottom rolls for Bending & Die Punch for Folding testing of Plate samples.

Capacity : 6mm to 25 mm.

Thickness : 6mm to 25 mm.

Pipe Rotators / X-ray Trolley

Set of Rubberised Rolls with Hydraulic Tilt mechanism to for adjustment for various pipe diameters. Suitable for making in Conveyor Line or X-ray Trolley and Ultrasonic Trolley.

Capacity : Handle single pipe upto 1.5 mtrs & 5.MT weight.

Ultrasonic Test Trolley

Provision for Pipe Rotation & pipe advancing. Suitable for Ultrasonic Testing & Weld Joint Of SAW PIPE.

Capacity : Pipe diameter up to 100” single pipe of length 6 – 13 Meter & weight up to 20.0 MT.

Welding Boom

Double column Construction with height adjustment and boom radius adjustment suitable for welding head for SAW pipe

Suitability :  Pipe diameter 16″ to 60″.

Post Bending Top Roll

Post Bending Bottom Roll